The big difference is made by our leadership

Mr. Rodolfo Ponce Vargas, General Manager.

Founder and Manager of Global Sea. Professional with extensive experience in maritime operations, Master Marine of the National Merchant Marine of Chile, Maritime and Port Engineer, Diplomate in Security, Diplomate in Planning, management and governance of port cities, graduated from the Arturo Prat Navy Academy and the CINFO course of the Chilean Naval War Academy. He is the author of the projects for the creation of the Ministry of the Sea in study of the environment and suggestive structure. IDD 206,688.

 National Coordinator of the National Council for the Creation of the Ministry of the Sea. 

Creator and Founder of the first governance organization and circulate legal structure in Latin America, the Alianza Marítima de Chile A.G., Clúster Marítimo Nacional. He has actively participated as a rapporteur and speaker before the constitutional convention and presidential candidates in order to illustrate the economic, social and ecosystem importance that the sea represents for the nation. 

Of recognized trajectory for more than 15 years related to the binding tasks to make Chile an Oceanic country with measurement and ocean view..