We are always ready to provide any type of recommendation or suggestive idea of ​​how to face your tasks and reduce the complexity of decision making. Small specific details and not always observed make a big difference in the expected result.


We carry out and prepare the best academic information and compare it with related entities to ensure the success of your proposals. We care about following the dynamics of what has been proposed over time, evaluating what has been achieved permanently.


We permanently studing situations of global interest related to ocean governance, laws, regulations, policies and publications and present them to you in a clear and explanatory expository manner, so that you and your partners/members illustrate your initiatives, projects and meetings.

Conductive Talks

We evaluate the management of your company/organization and create talks and inductions that allow your managers to improve their level of processes, decisions and commitment to the objective proposed by you.

Process Control

We offer to monitor and supervise the processes carried out by their headquarters in order to improve the performance of these areas and, after that, the management of your company or organization. The small details in a management represent a cost

Social Manager

We can collaborate to generate instances of rapprochement with the community, social organizations and authorities, developing mechanisms of governance, trust and respect.

Project Manager

We can help generate the project you want to create, drafting, establishing stages and administrative procedures.


We create high-level seminars, with excellent speakers in order to generate a good debate related to the topic of your interest. We can manage nationally or internationally.


For those interested in knowing about various subjects, we generate a closed exhibition in which different exponents detail their views and experiences, which will help their initiatives and undertakings.